Lot GC03: Akeza II - Fruit basket of berries, peach & more

Scoring 90.5, this Akeza natural coffee is floral forward with flavors of blueberry and black currants and notes of peach and raspberry with mild acidity of peach and sweet berries.

About this coffee:

Akeza is another exceptional coffee grown in a notably remote area of Kayanza Province. Jeanine's first visit was not ideal; it was pouring rain and the roads were steep. At one point her team got out of their rented 4x4 truck to help some local farmers push it up the slope, but the truck kept sliding backwards. She felt certain that they were never going to get out! At that moment, she promised herself she was never coming back. And yet, after meeting the farmers and tasting the coffees, she realized that sometimes the most difficult places to get to are the best. In addition to working with these farmers, she is also working with the local authority to get the road repaired. In the first year with JNP Coffee, these farmers produced beautiful natural only. However, in the second year, JNP Coffee partnered with them to build a wet mill, including pulping machines, fermentation tanks, raised African beds, coffee storage rooms, and post-processing clean water filtration systems. With this 2022 harvest, they produced their first washed coffee with excellent results. There is a bright future for Akeza coffee. Akeza means "beautiful" in Kirundi.

Lot Description

Reference Number:GC03
Opening Bid:$7.50/lb
Weight:198.42 lbs
Altitude:1680m ASL
Bags Size:Each lot has three cartons. Each carton has (2) 15kg vacuum sealed coffee. We will airship, unless there is an opportunity to do a consolidation shipment.

Coffee details

Tasting Notes:Floral forward flavor profile with blueberry and black currents. Notes of peach and raspberry. Acidity of peach and sweet berries.

Farm details

Country: BURUNDI
Location: Kayanza

Other info

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