Lot GC02: Bahire - Multilayered red fruit sweetness

Scoring 91, this Bahire fully-washed coffee has a vibrant acidity of red currants and raspberry with base notes of black currants. Multiple layers of sweetness make it like a basket of tropical fruit.

About this coffee:

Bahire, a new coffee discovery! For years Jeanine noted that there was one coffee from Ngozi Province that consistently scored higher than all the other fine coffees from this region. Feeling her kinship for Ngozi – after all, her mother was born and raised there – she set out to find that coffee. It took some work, but she finally found the hill where this special coffee grows. She was in awe of the differentiation that terroir can make in coffee. JNP Coffee now works with the farmers of Bahire Coffee. In Kirundi, Bahire means “be well.”

Lot Description

Reference Number:GC02
Opening Bid:$7.50/lb
Weight:198.42 lbs
Process:Fully Washed
Altitude:1800m ASL
Bags Size:Each lot has three cartons. Each carton has (2) 15kg vacuum sealed coffee. We will airship, unless there is an opportunity to do a consolidation shipment.

Coffee details

Tasting Notes:Vibrant acidity of red currants and raspberry. Base notes of black currants. Multiple layers of sweetness, like a basket of tropical fruit.

Farm details

Country: BURUNDI
Location: Ngozi

Other info

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