Lot GC24: Incuti II - Honey and banana sweetness. Mandarin acidity.

Scoring 88.25, this Incuti natural coffee offers the sweetness of honey, ripe banana and an undertone of mildly fermented citrus fruit. It has a delicate mandarin-like acidity.

About the coffee:

Kayanza Province is known to produce some of the highest quality coffees in Burundi. Incuti coffee grows near a high-altitude rainforest in Kayanza among the tea, banana and cassava plants. This exceptional coffee was new to the JNP Coffee family a few years ago and comes with a special story. The producer was a past winner of the Cup of Excellence in Burundi, when Jeanine served on the COE jury. He had also heard about JNP Coffee’s Dushime® program and their support for farmers.
Based on this, he sought out Jeanine to see if her company would work with his group of farmers. When Jeanine visited the farms, she was impressed not just by the coffee but also by the character and persistence of this hardworking man, who has since become a dear friend. JNP Coffee continues to work with the farmers of Incuti. In Kirundi, Incuti means "friend."

Lot Description

Reference Number:GC24
Opening Bid:$7.50/lb
Weight:198.42 lbs
Altitude:1900 masl
Bags Size:Each lot has three cartons. Each carton has (2) 15kg vacuum sealed coffee. We will airship, unless there is an opportunity to do a consolidation shipment.

Coffee details

Tasting Notes:Sweetness of honey, ripe banana with undertone of mildly fermented citrus fruit. Delicate mandarin-like acidity.

Farm details

Country: BURUNDI
Location: Muyinga

Other info

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