Lot GC22: Turihamwe - Delicate spicy sweetness of currants and raspberry

Scoring 88.5, this Turihamwe fully-washed coffee has notes of black currants, peach and raspberry. Its delicate acidity has a mild rose aftertaste and the sweetness of raspberry pie.

About this coffee: 

The proud women farmers of Turihamwe coffee truly embody the spirit of entrepreneurship. Some of the women were even founding members of the IWCA Burundi Chapter. They have been growing coffee for years and have devoted themselves to attaining quality and to building a sustainable future for their families and their community, a future that they see is possible because of their partnership with JNP Coffee. For several years they worked together, studied together, and saved their Dushime® premiums together. Soon they had enough money to build their own wet mill, which they did themselves! Now they control the quality of their coffee beyond the harvest and through the critical processing steps. The name Turihamwe was chosen by the women themselves. It means "together" in Kirundi.

Lot Description

Reference Number:GC22
Opening Bid:$7.50/lb
Weight:198.42 lbs
Process:Fully Washed
Altitude:1750m ASL
Bags Size:Each lot has three cartons. Each carton has (2) 15kg vacuum sealed coffee. We will airship, unless there is an opportunity to do a consolidation shipment.

Coffee details

Tasting Notes:Black currants, peach, raspberry. Delicate acidity with mild rose aftertaste. Sweetness of raspberry pie.

Farm details

Country: BURUNDI
Location: Ngozi

Other info

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