Lot GC15: Ubuto - Vibrant acidity of red currants, grapefruit

Scoring 88.75, this fully-washed coffee has the vibrant acidity of red currants and grapefruit with the sweetness of black figs and currants and a lovely aftertaste of rose.

About this coffee:

Ubuto Coee and a new terroir! JNP Coffee searches the far corners of Burundi to identify new and diverse specialty coffees and we find them. We were delighted to nd Ubuto Coffee because it's more than just a new coffee, it represents a new terroir in Karuzi Province, east of its better-known neighbor Ngozi. This area is known for its young trees and most recently, there are reports that they may have discovered a new breed of coffee tree! We’re following the genetic research. For Ubuto
Coffee, the impact of new coffee trees, cared for by these new farmers, is profound. The coffee has a fresh flavor profile and clean, crisp notes. Ubuto means "young" in Kirundi.

Lot Description

Reference Number:GC15
Opening Bid:$7.50/lb
Weight:198.42 lbs
Process:Fully Washed
Altitude:1700m ASL
Bags Size:Each lot has three cartons. Each carton has (2) 15kg vacuum sealed coffee. We will airship, unless there is an opportunity to do a consolidation shipment.

Coffee details

Tasting Notes:Intense, vibrant acidity of red currants and red grapefruit. Sweetness of black figs and currants. Aftertaste of rose.

Farm details

Country: BURUNDI
Location: Karusi

Other info

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